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Zorg Vooruit: blended network care pathway neurorehabilitation and spinal cord injury

Project summary

After a stroke or spinal cord injury, patients come into contact with rehabilitation. To regain and maintain maximum independence, health and quality of life, good mobility, physical fitness and healthy behaviour are needed. In order to guide the patient as best as possible, it is important that care providers working at the outpatient and clinical departments of a rehabilitation centre cooperate with primary care practices.

Objective and working method

In the Zorg Vooruit project, healthcare professionals from Rijndam Rehabilitation and various primary care practices work together with patients and their families to redesign the rehabilitation process. By implementing blended care pathways for collaboration in the network, we are offering a combination of e-health and physical care. Within a culture of co-creation and continuous learning and improvement, we want to learn together with scientists of the Erasmus University how to develop blended network care paths as co-designers.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

dr. Agaath Sluijter

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Rehabilitation Medicine

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