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A loyalty program to motivate vulnerable women to engage in preconception care: ‘from voucher to tablet’

Project summary

The overall aim of this research is to reach and motivate vulnerable women, in an ethically justified way, to engage in preconception care, which will help them to better prepare for an uncomplicated pregnancy. This will be accomplished by framing, developing and testing a loyalty program in co-creation with the target population and other relevant stakeholders.


The development of an integrated loyalty program will enhance the uptake of preconception care consultations and the compliance and sustainability of healthy lifestyle behaviors through the Smarter Pregnancy platform. This approach will encourage vulnerable women to better prepare for pregnancy (self-management). Moreover, the loyalty program will equip health care providers in all lines of obstetric care in supporting their clients/patients to manage their own health by changing poor lifestyle behaviors and thereby also increase the chance of an ongoing pregnancy with an uncomplicated course and outcome.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Wendy Koster

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