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(LifeCycle) Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health

Project summary

Early life is an important window of opportunity to improve health across the full lifecycle. LIFECYCLE will establish the EuroCHILD Cohort Network, which brings together existing, successful pregnancy and child cohorts and biobanks, by developing a governance structure taking account of national and European ethical, legal and societal implications, a shared data-management platform and data-harmonization strategies. LIFECYCLE will enrich this network by generating new integrated data on early life and will capitalize on these data by performing hypothesis-driven research on early life stressors. LIFECYCLE will translate these results into recommendations for targeted strategies and personalized prediction models to improve health trajectories for current and future Europeans generations by optimizing their earliest phase of life.


The goal is to establish the EU Child Cohort Network, a Europe-wide network of cohort studies started in early-life, and translate our findings into policy recommendations for stratified and personalized prevention strategies.

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Horizon 2020