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Preparing children for operation with virtual reality

Project summary

Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital started a project in which Virtual Reality will be used to help ensure children are as prepared as possible.

Erasmus MC researchers want  to use Virtual Reality (VR) to get children accustomed to the various areas in the surgery facilities (waiting room, operating  room, and recovery room), and to the anesthetic procedure. The VR headset glasses will allow the child to walk through the areas where he/she will undergo surgery. A virtual nurse and virtual anesthesiologist will also explain the procedure. The VR environment is realistic, interactive, and child-friendly.  The child can view the various areas at his/her own pace and feel they are discovering things. The researchers expect that this will make children feel more relaxed before surgery.


Good preparation before surgery can help reduce fear and stress in children.

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Stichting Coolsingel & Zilveren Kruis